• On June 25, 1997, the company was registered!
    Headquartered in shenzhen, it has branches in Beijing
  • In October 2000
    The company is listed as the most competitive enterprise in shenzhen by shenzhen snakou
  • In September 2002
    Hanix was awarded the special recommendation of shenzhen city's top ten small and medium enterprises, and became the associate director of shenzhen medical devices industry association.
  • In April 2003
    Company name changed to " Shenzhen Hanxi United,Ltd"
  • In March 2011
    The enterprise passed ISO13485 certification
  • In December 2014.
    The company has an operating income of more than 50 million
  • In August 2015
    "Shenzhen Hanix, LTD" is changed to "Shenzhen Hanix United,Ltd".
  • In January 2016
    New third board listed stock code: hanxiang biology 835259
  • In July 2016
    Wholly-owned Shenzhen Yingchi Technology Co. Ltd., began to develop and produce neuromotion-control instruments
  • In November 2016
    Through national high-tech enterprise review
  • On November 25, 2019
    We moved to the new office:Block A, 2 / F, Phoenix City Building, 15 Sci-tech North 1st Road, Xili, Shenzhen,China.
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